Friday, November 22, 2013

The 21st of November

Last night was the night we have all been waiting for for weeks.... months even! Yes, I am talking about the premiere of "Catching Fire"! AHHHH. You guys, this movie changed my life! But before I go on gushing about this movie, let me tell you about our pre-movie experience!
Thursdays at Pizza Pie Cafe are Karaoke Night. You better believe we hit that up before hitting the movies. Pizza Pie Cafe is a glorious restaurant where you get an all you can eat buffet including pizza (of course), a salad bar and a pasta bar all for a remarkable price! College kid heaven basically. And Karaoke Night is even cheaper! $6 for tons of food and tons of fun??? Count us in! We went with our dorm and the cute girls "across the way" as we like to refer to them (: It was such a blast. The only downer was the fact that we were sitting at the table furthest away from the buffet, so every time we want to refill our plates was legitimately the walk of shame. I think I took that walk like 8 times. Sorry, I'm a hungry lady okay?! But I got over that in no time because our table was definitely the party table! We had a huge table of fun girls and we were singing our hearts out the whole time! In my opinion, the best part was when this kid went up to sing, instead of going for an upbeat-dancing song, he took the slow jamz option! At first it kind of felt like "Aw, come on! This is ruining our partying mood!" But then we decided to keep partying anyway and we started singing to him and pointing at him and winking at him and doing all the silly things girls do. Naturally he returned the favor and got pumped up and was totally singing his heart out for us! Haha after he came back and thanked us for making his song special! I am telling you, this group of ladies does it right! My type of people, for sure.
We REALLY wanted to sign up too but we were too far down the list and we still had to make it to our movie so we didn't get to perform :( (this time) (:
So after we had our fill we all piled into the cars and made our way to the movie! [Side note: the seats in that theater are reallllly comfy... I mentioned how much I loved them to Rachel and Carly but I don't think the seats impressed them as much as they impressed me]. We watched a couple trailers and thennnnnn TA DA the movie started! I was so excited my hands were getting clammy and my heart was beating like a hammer. Weird? Probably. I'm I okay with how big of a nerd I am? Totally!
I don't want to give anything away.... BUT DANG THAT MOVIE WAS INCREDIBLE! A couple scenes into the movie I had to put my big winter coat back on because I had goosebumps the entire time! Ahh it was so good. I have read the books but it's been like 3 years and there were some things I had forgotten, so even though I knew what was going to happen next there were still some things that made me jump!
Once the credits started rolling we all kind of were in a daze from the magic we had just witnessed. Then we all started freaking out and Rachel said something that perfectly sums up how this movie will make you feel... She said, "I feel like a Great Woman!!!!" Aint that the truth?! LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. Hahaha Megan F. even had a melt down, bless her heart (: She was still all teary eyed from all the craziness that occurred and man, she is just such a funny girl! Everything she does makes me laugh so hard! 
Unfortunately we didn't get any pics at Pizza Pie :(, BUT, we did get these pictures after the movie!

Hahaha you can see Megan crying there, right behind me (:

We <3 Katniss

Goofy ladies

Thursday, November 14, 2013


My main lady Carly Barton always asks us what are pit and peak of the day was. A pit is something that gets you a little down and a peak is something that lifts you up! So I am stealing this idea and recording mine for this week here!


  • Being gone from my dorm from 10-7:30 on Tuesday... What a doozy. I went to class, to the library, to class, to the library, to a review session, then to Friends of the Elderly. At least I ended the long day serving the elderly of our community by keeping them company!
  • I have been living off typical college food this past week (like zero fruits and veggies) because I am going home this weekend so I haven't wanted to go to the store alone and buy fresh stuff just for it to sit in the fridge getting all sick nasty while I am away. 
  • Me and Rachel's pass to the Rock Haus expired this past Sunday so we can't go anymore :( I am already having major withdrawals...
  • Registration for next semester is tonight so I have been planning my schedule this week which has been stressful and fun at the same time. Stressful because my classes kept clashing and overlapping with other classes and fun because thinking about taking new classes is exciting! (Even though I have to take a math class AND science class..... yuck.)
  • Finally figuring out a bomb schedule for myself but still having to stress over if I will even get into the classes when we register tonight. 
  • I have worn my combat boots to their fullest extent to the point of the heels worn down unevenly resulting in pain in my actual heel. I hope no one has noticed my pathetic itty bitty limp, haha, I just don't want to put any unnecessary pressure on my little footsies!

  • Getting a phone call Monday morning from the math department telling me I didn't have to take the math placement test! Yahoo!
  • We took Awkward Family Photos for FHE and got to start the holidays early with ugly Christmas sweaters, doughnuts, and incredibly delicious slow-cooker hot cocoa made my the girls downstairs including cocoa power, sweetened and condensed milk, whipped cream and all the goods that are bad for you. 
  • The Institute gave out free chili and chips on Tuesday! 
  • We didn't take the test I was expecting Tuesday afternoon so I have more time to prepare and understand the happenings in the current play we are reading "Merchant of Venice" (which is pretty good BTW). 
  • My insanely awesome Professor, Susan, gave us Cuties in class because she thought we were in need of some nutrients (:
  • Also Susan announced if we do well on our last 2 tests we won't have to take a final! Hallelujah! Now all we will have to do is submit our final essay over canvas!
  • I only have one more passport event to attend until I have 10 stamps and will get 30 bucks put onto my Aggie Express account AND getting dinner with the President! Holla
  • Finishing my last exam until Finals week.
  • Pumpkin spice pancake mix made with chocolate chips. Yum. 
  • Saige's friend from high school, Aubree, said she would sign up for Friday 2:30 snowboarding with me next semester!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Do more of what makes you happy

Here are some pictures of when I was home for Fall Break! It took me a while to go through and edit them all but I had so much fun finally being able to mess around on photoshop (: yay for pictures. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What I know:

This weekend has been Stake Conference. Between last night's session and this morning's session, I heard two really good talks that really hit me. Both were concerning missionary work.
Being up at school, surrounded by so many girls knowing what they want to do, I have been feeling so much pressure to put in my own papers and get a call. I have been feeling so frustrated because I know it isn't "expected" of young women to serve, but when people ask if you are going and you tell them you probably aren't they say "oh" disapprovingly. Honestly it has been driving me nuts! Every young women choosing to serve gets sooooo much praise and the ones who are choosing otherwise are being put down or looked over. And that is not how it should be!!!
The two talks that hit me made me feel a lot of comfortable with my decision to serve the Lord in other ways than a full time mission. I was reminded I am not the only girl feeling this pressure, I am not the only girl afraid on being a less desirable wife, and I am not the only girl who wants the blessings a mission brings! While I was listening to the speaker last night, I felt peace that a full time mission as a single sister missionary is not where the Lord needs me to be during these next two years. One of the things the speaker said was that Satan does not like missionary work. He does not like that we were sitting in church on a Saturday night strengthening our testimonies. That really stood out to me because it reminded me of a line in my Patriarchal Blessing that says Satan does not like me. That got me thinking, "Why would Satan specifically not like me if I am not like all these other young women who desire to spread the gospel on a full time mission??"But these self-doubting thoughts quickly left my mind when the spirit whispered Satan does not like me because I am going to strengthen the testimonies of teenagers so they can have the confidence to share the truth to the world! I have always dreamed of being a counselor at EFY, but last night I realized what a blessing that will be in my life! It's true, I COULD serve a mission and be a counselor when I come home, BUT just like people who decide to serve missions feel right about the city they are called to and the timing of their service, I feel that I need to be there the first summer I am eligible to be a counselor in 2015. I know that being a counselor will strengthen my testimony and I can help serve in solidifying the conversion of member teenagers! I believe I can develop the same qualities as a missionary and be blessed in the same ways.
I am not drawing any lines and declaring I certainly will not go on a mission, but as of now this is what I feel is right for me! I just hope and pray I can keep feeling confident in this choice and people will understand me not going does not make me a bad person!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Laugh a little

Yesterday at the game in the Spectrum, the funniest thing in a while happened to me and my good pals Saige and Rachel. We were all just sitting there, chillen, when I decided to tell them about a funny pin I saw on Pinterest earlier that day (I am starting to think to many of my sentences begin with "I saw this thing on Pinterest..."- but that is beside the matter for now) and it was this Pin to be exact:

Okay fine, it is a little on the raunchy side, but because we are at college people say this all the time so when I read this it really hit my funny button! Anyways, I told them this and they both thought it was hilarious and Rachel even let out quite a honk! We were all laughing so hard it caught the attention of some boys in front of us and they turned around to ask us what was so funny! Of course we can't just tell this joke to some stranger boys so we just kept laughing and basically told them not to worry about it. So they reluctantly shook it off and decided to continue to engage us in some small talk. Just guess what they said to us next?!? One of the guys looks at Rachel and I and asks "You girls look really familiar, do I know you from somewhere?" BAAAAHAHAHAHA what are the chances someone would ask us this RIGHT after I told this joke?! Obviously that made us all go into hysterics and the boys were even more confused at what was so funny this time! Later in the game I felt bad for making them feel uncomfortable and making it seem like we were laughing at them so I told them what we were laughing at and unfortunately they didn't think it was as funny as we did. So moral of the story: Don't joke about porn with guys. And don't tell your girls jokes involving porn in public. Keep it strictly to Pinterest and look back on it only in private. The End.