Monday, July 21, 2014

Killer weekend with the FDAC

FDAC: Frisky Dingo Adventure Crew. This is what the boys call themselves and they certainly know how to adventure right! 
This weekend I got to join Josh, Karl, Evan, Oakley and Whitnee down in Zion National Park canyoneering and I had such a blast! I've never done anything quite like it before and I was so happy I got to do it for my first time with this crew! The boys made me feel super safe and the girls made me feel welcome right away (I had never met either of them before). We took about a thousand pictures, but I selected my favorite 72 to show ya'll what a grand summer it is. Enjoy!

Final rappel in Keyhole Canyon. This one was 100 feet!

Having a jolly good time!

Josh had the idea to stick his GoPro to a giant log in order to take some fabulous selfies! He really is the selfie king.

This picture was taken right before the GoPro fell to it's [almost] doom! You can see in Evan's face... luckily he caught it! Haha

This was taken right before our 300 foot descent.... yiiiikes!

Kewl kidz

Coming down the 140 foot rappel!

For this rappel we had to switch ropes halfway through on this itsy bitsy ledge!

Going down the cliff 200 FEET above the ground!

'Twas a fun hike.


Just trying and failing to fit in with the boys

Freezing cold water! Oh, and the people watching us have this little photoshoot were NOT amused.... laaaame.

We found this giant log at the end of our hike and sat on it for about an hour waiting for someone to come take our picture... no one ever came... good thing Josh had his handy dandy selfie machine! Haha

Rollar coaster! Woo!

The best crew to adventure with. 

One of my favorite pictures of us all!

We waited for someone for so long we decided to take a little nap... teehee

Swangin' in my pond!

Swangin' in my backyard!