Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Celebrated 1 year of college down, grades to be proud of, and of course the brothers twenty fourth birthday in the city of sin. Here's some shots. (pictures, you silly!)

We stayed in The Venetian and I was having oh so much fun anticipating my future as an Italian resident. 

I mean just look at this architecture! 

No, none of the members of my family are supercross fanatics. But why not go check out the talent!? So cool. 

I may or may not have been far more captivated with the sunset...

Yummy in my tummy!

These flowers... oh boy. I love them I want them why are they not hanging up in my room right now?

I'm just obsessed. Is that so wrong?

Goofin' around in the fancy pants stores


I took soooooo many pictures of these flowers. But, how could I not??

It wouldn't be right to have a Sunday without admiring some of the beautiful nature we have been blessed with. 

We ate Brian's birthday dinner across the street from the waters show at The Bellagio. 

Night life.

P-p-partying in the penthouse!